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Public Relations & Marketing

Jonathan Jadali, Founder and CEO of Ascend Agency was born in Orange County, California.

With the inspiration of his family he formed an entrepreneurial and business-focused mindset at a very young age. In 2009, when Jonathan was only twelve years old, crypto began to emerge into the world, piquing Jonathan’s interest.

Jonathan worked hard to expand his knowledge in the crypto sphere, opening up space for
great opportunities in his future. He later discovered his passion for social media, building his online presence and creating an extensive network of like-minded people. This passion led him to found his award-winning Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Agency, Ascend.

Since the creation of Ascend in 2020, the company has climbed to the top of its niche, with
over 20,000+ clients. With multiple new branches of the company arising, Ascend continues to expand each day through the leadership and ambition Jonathan brings with his team.


  • 2020 - PRESENT

    Ascend Agency

    Founder & CEO
  • 2015- 2020

    Brandman University

    Business Administration


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